Vehicle collection

The Griffin Trust

Vehicle collection

The Griffin Trust has a wide variety of vehicles under its care. Some are fully restored and ready for display, others are currently in the process of restoration. As an example of our work you can read about our Kew Dodge from 1950 below, in the first picture it is shown fully restored in all its splendour, in the second picture you can see how it was when bought.

Brief history of our Kew Dodge 1950

Our Kew Dodge was made in 1950 and bought at an auction in 1957 for use as a tipper truck to carry bulk coal to electric power stations. In 1967 after working day and night for ten hard years, the tipper body was removed and the chassis extended by four foot to take a flat deck body, it was then used to deliver bagged coal. In 1976 it took its last work breath after throwing a connecting rod through the side of the engine block. It was towed back to the coal yard and used for parts to keep other Dodge’s on the road. A Mr Clegg from Yorkshire purchased the Dodge in 1982 for restoration, but sadly died before the project was finished. Christine Thomas purchased it in November 2002 from Leeds where it had stood for some time. It has undergone a full restoration and as of 2015 appears regularly at vintage vehicle shows. This type of truck was featured in the 1956 film “Hell Driver’s” starring Stanley Baker, Patrick McGoohan, and a young Sean Connery. Spare parts are difficult to obtain because few of these models still exist today. However, our skilled staff are able to make new parts and repair vehicles so they look better than new.

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